Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our New Home (as of next week!)

Next Friday, I am proud to say, we will be owners of this brand new house!

I have never owned a home before and I am very excited.  I took some pictures yesterday during our walk through.  The builder still needs to go through and do touch up paint and a few minor things, but it's pretty much done.  Before we move in, we are hiring someone to paint a few accent walls to give the house a bit of color.  It especially needs it (I think) in the kitchen and living room.  Our couches are tan, the walls are tan, the carpet is tan--- but not for long.

Here's a shot of the backyard of the house.  Nothing too fancy.  We plan to build a deck maybe next summer.

Here's a shot from the back porch looking out.  It's a pretty big backyard.  We are excited to put in a garden next year and other fun things for the kids.

It was hard to get the kitchen all in one shot, so here are a couple.  I'm loving the granite and the tile backsplash.  The walls are going to be painted a vibrant red-orange.  I'll have to post pics after the paint, I think it will make a huge difference.

Through that arch, is the entry room, which will be my piano room!

Suzy's room.  It is off the main entry room.  There is a little hall- Suzy's room is on one end and Noah's on the other and there's a bathroom in the middle.  Perfect.

Kids/Guest Bathroom

Noah's Room

 The front entry room or in my case, piano room.  I'm so excited to get creative in this room.  But first, I gotta save up some money to get everything how I want it.

Living Room off of the kitchen.  I didn't get a great shot of the room- I was too focused on the fireplace.  Love fireplaces!  So glad I have one!

Hall off the front entry room down to the master bedroom.
(That door Noah is trying to open is the most massive, awesome closet ever.  It could practically be a room.  I love storage!  Thank you house for having some!)
I also really like the color that our wood floors turned out to be.  This is a good shot of the floors.

Master bedroom.  Soon to be home to our NEW KING BED, YAY!!! (We have had a double bed since we got married so this is a major upgrade).

Master Bath.  That's a jacuzzi tub on the right.  And then a separate shower--but you can't really see it.  And I'm obsessed with our closet.  It's bigger than the picture shows and we have had a kid closet for the past, ummm..forever, so YAY!

Laundry Room.  Exciting!  Not.

View from the top of the stairs going down to the front entry room.

Our home office/adults only/no kids allowed room!

We want a place for Jared to study while he is working on his MBA- and also a room where the kids don't bring their clutter to.  This room is upstairs and it will be perfect.

This room will eventually have a couch on the left, a desk, a tv mounted on a swivel on the wall (so it can double for a computer monitor and movie screen if you are sitting on the couch), and an extremely large world travel map, likely to take up a good chunk of the pictured wall.

Can't wait til next Friday! Yippee!


jessH said...

yay! that is so exciting! i dream of that day. everything looks so nice. seems like it has a great layout and love the floors. and a piano room? what more could you want?! so happy for you :)

Elisa said...

it is seriously gorgeous! we close on our first house on May 2nd and move in starting Monday the 7th. I think your house has a better, more modern layout since ours is a remodel of a 1970's home. But let's be honest and say I don't really care so much because I'm just stoked to finally NOT BE A RENTER!!!!! Congrats to you guys!

Brittney said...

That's a beautiful house!! Love it! Congrats on so many things.... house, baby, etc.!

Mama A said...

Thanks for the pictures. I think I'll just take your house. Good layout, new, has a piano room, yard already in. Why is it being so hard for us? Wish I was there to help you move in or watch the kids. I miss having you and the kids around. You'll love your new home.

Hays said...

oh gosh court this is so amazing. wow!

super excited for you. and oh i meant to tell you today that the lady finally emailed me. ;)

Amy Kay said...

That's so awesome! I can't wait to see the "after" pics showing what you do with the place! Also, I'm obsessed with the color of the floors. That's totally the color I would pick.

Randy said...

Superman looks cute on the last picture! It seems that he's busier inspecting every room than you. Hehe! And the new king bed to sleep on is just an upgrade, as in big-time upgrade! I can’t wait for your next post. Cheers and congrats! :)

[Randy Robinson]

Alyssa said...

crazy, we are moving in on Friday too. Your house looks huge and I love the wood floors and fireplace. Congrats!!!

Rick said...

The place looks amazing. I don't want to show pictures to Tyshelle because I'm sure she will want one of her own. I mean, she would probably want to copy the entire home, from front door to fireplace.

Congrats. You guys deserve it!