Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Sometimes (like now) I really wish that I took good pictures with a good camera.  As it is, I really don't like taking pictures.  Especially not while I'm on vacation wanting to enjoy the moment.  But then, after the moment is over, I have nothing.  And then I regret that I didn't capture the moment.

I guess that was all just a background to say, all our Paris pictures were taken with an I-phone.  If I was more of a photographer, I defintely would have captured that first moment when we walked out of the train station right into the heart of Paris.  It literally took my breath away.  I just stopped walking and stared and let it all sink in.  It was an amazing feeling.

I also would have taken random pictures as we walked around Paris for 5 hours.  The city was enchanting.  The people were fancy.  The food was good.  The pastries were AMAZING!

I would have taken pictures of those amazing pastries.  And the cute little bakeries.  And us eating at them.  I would have taken a picture of us eating our first crepe!

I would have taken about 10 million pictures at the Palais Garnier, where we saw a Tchaikovsky (*fav*) ballet.  That was the most amazing building I have ever been in.

*Sigh* Well, luckily I do have a few pictures.  And here they are!
Amusez-vous bien! (Ok, i really don't know what I'm saying)


Hays said...

you guys are so cute. that theatre looks amazing!

Unknown said...

Nice pictures Courtney! So you aren't mad at me for taking pictures everytime you turned around and of silly things like us eating food or cups of hot chocolate? I wish I knew what I was doing with the camera, I just pretend I do.

MKS said...

thanks for sharing your travels! i miss europ!