Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bonuses of being a mom

Mother's Day.  It already seems like such a long time ago.  But Mother's Day last Sunday was good to me this year.  I think Jared wanted to make up for the last few Mothers Days that we have had together where he did not make me feel special ("You're not my mom").  So, he spoiled me rotten!  And I loved every second!

I got the one thing I asked for:

(My floors are looking good!)

And something that I wished for, but never expected to get!

Now I REALLY feel like a mom.  This bad boy is hardcore!

In addition to great gifts, breakfast, a poster, a singing card, a great church meeting, and a cookout with the family, I got to hang out with these little people:

Lucky me.


Emily & Kyle said...

love your cute family. your kids are adorable...and you look like the cutest mom ever!

MKS said...

oh! i'm so glad it was a great day. you deserve it. i love that you got a mop. that is somethign i would ask for. and way to go taking your kids out camping. proof that it can be done if there is a will