Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Esp. for you, Mom

My mom asks me everytime that I talk to her on the phone if I have any new pictures of Noah. :) I promised I would put some more up, but just realized I haven't really taken any since I lost my battery charger. Well, no worries, I ordered a new one off of amazon, so I'll start taking more pictures. I've been pretty busy trying to put the house together and get things in order after the move. So, I apologize for all those that I need to call back! We finally just got the internet in our house too. Anyways, here's the latest Noah pictures I have. :)

Jared & Noah at the airport in Kansas City- on our way home to Arkansas!

Noah kind of smiling in his swing. BTW, Noah has been smiling so much lately- it's the cutest thing ever! He also makes really cute sad faces- I try not to laugh.

What a sweetheart!


Kelly said...

Honestly, I can't get over how cute Noah is!!!! I'm sure you agree. =) His smile is so precious! I love it!

Mama A said...

you know I need more pictures!!! Noah sure is a cutie!